Other Venice Film Festival

The Other Venice Film Festival

Opening Night Feature Film T.B.A.

Opening Night Short Film T.B.A

To Be Announced

Opening Night Live Performance! October 6th 7pm-8pm

2017 Featured Artist T.B.A

October 6th-8th
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd 90291

Short Film Venice Series & Mobile Devices

October 8th 11am-12noon
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Tickets At Eventbrite


Director:Debbie Foster
In this heartfelt dramedy, a young kiwi girl moves to Venice, California full of big aspirations but gets weighed down in the daily grind of survival until a chance meeting with a young writer forces her to confront her own fear of taking a risk on her original dreams.

The Charlie Orange Show

Director:Charlie Gelbart
A hidden camera, man on the street short that exposes society's deepest flaws through the eyes of an innocent woman. We follow her as she faces pressure about acceptable public behavior and her struggle with finding connection in this mad world

The Musician of Venice Ca, The Story of Brad Kay

Director:Alexander Tuschinski
This short film takes a look at his life, ideas and how Brad finds inspirations for his music - be it in his collection of vintage 78 records and piano rolls, or many other places...

Liquid Gold

Director:Sonic Barometer
A band of cutthroat pirates attempt to steal back treasure that they believe is rightfully theirs but others have their eyes on the 'liquid gold' too - including prisoner Bosun. Filmed at L'Etacquerel Fort, Jersey using an LG Nexus 4 mobile phone.

Orange Sky

Director:John Wilcox
After the death of his father, Michael Corvatto struggles to find his place in the world. A Coming of Age Experimental Short film shot on an iPhone 6 camera with all original music.

Doug's Wedding

Director:Jeffrey Ashkin
A man gets stranded on a desert island and slowly loses his sanity.

Short Film Series 1

October 7th 12noon-1pm
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Venice Ca,90291 Tickets At Eventbrite Coming Soon!


Director:Andi Osho
A teen fan fiction writer takes her boyband obsession too far in a twisted, late night confrontation with the object of her desires.

Don't Think About It

Director:Niv Klainer
Ron and Casey are expecting a child, but things get out of hand when they both try to protect each other from an inevitable break-up.

Four Of A Kind

Director:Joe Raffa
Two couples at opposite ends of their relationship must overcome their differences in a stalled elevator.

Fashion Of The Wolf

Director:Kevin Del Principe
A fashion designer who is convinced she’s murdered her colleague must come clean in order for the show to go on.


October 7th, 2pm-4pm Upstairs Gallery Beyond Barque 681 Venice Blvd
Gerry Fiaka
My Art Belongs to Venice
How does a beach town become a sacred ground? Gerry Fialka's interactive workshop probes the enduring existence of artists in an ever changing Venice, California. Exploring the intentional and random roles that creative artists play in the life of Venice and vice versa, the workshop asks: How can a place affect the art making and art viewing done there, and exert a hidden influence on the psyches of its creative people?
Fialka surveys the lively history of film artists nurtured in Venice, from the Beats to the Hipsters to the Millennials. This impressive legacy includes Charlie Chaplin, Orson Welles, Agnes Varda, Andy Warhol, Oliver Stone, notable Boardwalk renegades, and many more.

Feature Film The Moleskin Dairy

October 7th 1pm-2:30pm
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Venice Ca,90291 Tickets At Eventbrite Coming Soon!

The Moleskin Diary
Director: Zach Brown
An orphaned famous photographer who's a functioning drug addict, is abruptly notified about the death of his sister. Only to find that she has left him the custody of her 10 year old daughter who he's never met

International Short Film Block

Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd 90291
Saturday October 7th 2:30pm-3:30pm
Tickets At Eventbrite

Pollution of the Heart

United Kingdom
Director:Oliwia Siem
Torn between a high maintenance girlfriend and his emotionally unstable mother, David finds himself drawn to rituals of death. An old photo may hold the key to his vivid and inexplicable experiences. Is David's quest for the truth more urgent than the needs of the two women in his life? And what part does their sinister neighbor have to play?

Experimental Short Film Block

October 7th 3:30-430
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Ca 90291



Performing before Music Videos! October Saturday 7th 7:00pm
The Music Videos start at 8pm-9pm
This is A Fun Event & After Party In Garden!


Thomas Simon Performing in the Garden After Music Video Competition!
Tickets At Eventbrite

Flame On

Director:Benjamin Pollack
Like heavy metal rock, Goth rock legend Daniel Ash of Bauhaus, Tones On Tail, Love And Rockets, Poptone performs Flame On!

Where's My Home

Director:Jonathan Stimac
A family of 3 struggle to navigate through the "everyday" of life, after the reality of the parents divorce sets in.

Sunday October 8th

Doors Open at 12:30pm

International Feature Film


Waking David

Director:Kevin Nash
During a lecture tour of England, Scarlett, an American psychologist decides to look up Amy, her half-sister and find out about her father who died 10 years earlier. She is surprised to encounter a family that won’t communicate with her or each other about the past.

Short Film Block 3

Sunday,October 8th 2:00 3:00pm
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd,90291
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Feature Film T.B.A October 8th 3:00pm-4:00

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October 8th 8pm-10pm Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Venice Ca,90291
Live Music By T.B.A
Photo Art By T.B.A.

Free To The Public

Hosting Abbot Awards Lee Arenberg

Lee Arenberg is best known and loved for his roles as (Grumpy)Leroy on the ABC hit series Once Upon A Time and as Pintel the pirate in the multi-billion dollar Disney franchise The Pirates of the Caribbean. Lee has the remarkable ability to morph himself into frightening aliens, twisted psychotherapists lascivious entertainment executives and everything in between. Most frequently referred to as a character actor, Arenberg maintains a flourishing acting career almost 20 years spanning television, stage and film Arenberg has appeared in more than 30 movies.