Other Venice Film Festival

The Other Venice Film Festival


Director:Mike Hermosa
Recently being released from prison, Graham Castillo (Mickey Gooch Jr.) reunites with his adopted Filipino brothers Dante Basco, Dion Basco with a devised plan in mind. While in prison, he learned about a bank robbery that left the dinero unfound by police.
The mission takes them to a desolate almond orchard in the sleepiest town in America Modesto, CA.

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Opening Night 2016

Our House

Short Film Comedy (6mins)
Director:Arabella oz & Ashley Cole
Two sisters break into their childhood home, where their conflicting perspectives about aging and time cause them to question the bonds of family.


Alex Mello,Anthony Pelousi & George Atom
Opening Night Live Performance! October 7th 7pm-8pm
Before & After Screening "The Head Thieves"

2016 Featured Artist Paul Gronner

October 7th-9th Beyond Baroque
Paul's mission with photography is to search for all the special moments and perfect light that I can get my lens in the way of. I find that the natural world often does all the work for you, it is just up to me to find a unique perspective.
California has been of particular inspiration to me, there are just so many wonderful and unique land features here. I am inspired by Ansel Adams and his use of the “golden hour” to get striking images.

Short Film Series 1

October 8th 11am-12noon
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Tickets At Eventbrite

General Admission


Director:Hannah Leder
A man's life is turned upside-down by a rogue auto-correct.


Director:Ibrahim Nada
A suicide bomber who enters a random diner to bomb himself in a terrorist attack but listening and interacting with the innocent people around him makes him question his intent. Will he be able to


Those Little Monsters

Director:Kevin Del Principe
A young woman and her partner are trapped in a home they built with lies when she meets another man who inspires her to change, but her partner will do anything to stop their truth.

Til Death Do Us Part

Director:Don Ackerman
A story of an absent minded and slightly clumsy bride on her wedding day. She is late for her wedding but determined not to leave her groom alone at the alter.

Welcome to Where You've Always Been

Director:Justin Sandler,Mary Lou Sandler
Is a story about a champion spoken word poet named Devyn Duncan who has everything, but is blind to the blessings around him. He must find a way to overcome his depression and demons before his overwhelming desire to end his life wins the battle. He turns to alcohol to cope with the pain while hiding his suicidal thoughts from his wife, but she has a secret of her own which could change everything.

Short Film Series 2

October 8th 12noon-1pm
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Venice Ca,90291 Tickets At Eventbrite

General Admission


Director:Ty Granderson Jones
A young girl named Diamond is deceived, betrayed and programmed to become a most efficient, elite and disturbed assassin as she confronts her inner-struggle of good and evil.


Director:James Ferguson
Will Ellison (Rhet Kidd)The Equalizer, Olive Kitteridge, a former high school football star, thought he did everything right. But after five long unemployed years out of college, he is realizing that his future isn't what he was guaranteed.


Director:Jaime Valdueza
Jason (Beau Knapp) The Signal & Southpaw hides in a motel room afraid of coming out. The only person he trusts is his girlfriend Lila (Maika Monroe) The Guest & It Follows, who takes him to meet a friend in a remote house in the desert. At their arrival, an unexpected guest asks too many questions. Jason's trust for Lila begins to fade.

Over The Moon

Director:Jenessa Joffe
In this quirky tale of romance and magic parkour and martial arts are tools of seduction. Girl meets boy, boy flies into girl's heart Is this love or is she imagining things?

Saturday October 8th 2:30pm-3:30pm

Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd 90291

International Short Film Block

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Director:Shafaq Khan
Bihar, the northern state of India is home to a folk dance called Launda Naach. This is an art form where men dress up as women and dance to entertain at social functions and festivals.
This tradition of men performing as women is very old, as women were prohibited from public dancing.. Over the years this folk art has lost its sheen and has become a lowly and degrading line of work.
The Laundas are cut off from society and are looked down upon, they live and socialise only amongst themselves. They are often not given any jobs and therefore are forced to live in poverty.


Director:Antonis Tsonis
Athens Greece, An unemployed youth desperate to help his best friend fight cancer secretly decides to become a criminal to pay for the treatments.

Experimental Short Film Block

October 8th 3:30-430
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Ca 90291 Tickets At Eventbrite

General Admission

The Grief Party

Director:Amelia Mulkey
The Grief Party is a short film based on the one woman show, Chrysalis, written and performed by Evangeline Crittenden. The film's director and adaptor, Amelia Mulkey, was attracted to the surrealist devices in the play and thought it would make a wonderful magical realism film.
In this adaptation of the interactive play,the live audience becomes the camera and the stage is her private world inside her home. Our heroine traipses from room to room processing different stages of grief.We watch as she attempts to make sense of her newly shattered world,but always winds up back in her closet with her grief monster.

Bunny Girl

Driven by the crises state of our biosphere and social unrest, the title character Bunny Girl is a combined eroticized Playboy "bunny" and animal of the same name. Traversing sweeping landscapes layered with found footage of global events BUNNY GIRL points to our dystopian present.



October Saturday 8th 7:00pm
The Music Videos Start at 8pm-9pm!

General Admission


Performing Before & After Music Video Competition!
Gerry Fialka's & Will Erokan's
Psychedelic art happening with stellar live musicians, dancers, poets, and experimental films on three huge video projection screens exploring the history of Venice CA from the Beats to the hippies to the new revolutionaries.
This never before experienced phantasmago RIA Resonant Interval Algorhythms delves deeply into the interconnections of place and the creative process in Venice's underbelly.
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General Admission

Dolce Ardor

Director:Andrea Saenz
The idea is to bring this aria to life with elements of the 1700's when it was presented for the first time in Vienna. We will take you on a journey back in time creating an inter-blend of 18th century elegance with an ultraviolet experience. The story follows the quest in search of true love by the central character played by Andrea Saenz.


Director:Farbod Khoshtinat
When he decides to run away from his fear, his fear runs after him.



Director:Thomas Simon
Tells the age old story of a man wanting the woman he craves. Once he gets her,the question arises: Can he handle it without screwing it up?
Shot during the Carnival in Brazil and intercut with the band rocking hard in the studio,the song will make you get up and dance inadvertently.

Willow Tree

Director:Nic Davis
Shot on location in Montana, the official music video for "" captures a story of love and loss, set against a piece of natural permanence. The music originates from Red Molly's latest release, The Red Album.



October 8th Doors Open 9pm-2pm
12204 Venice Blvd Mar Vista,Ca 90066

Second Screening Of Music Videos Between Bands!

$5.00 at Door

Sunday October 9th

Doors Open at 12:30pm

Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd 90291
Official Selection Feature Film 12:30pm-2:00

El Camino

Director:Sean Daniel Bauer
The story of an underdog named MIGUEL, a meth addict whose road to sobriety is told through a series of chain reactions. The plot splits between past & present, navigating through his previous life as a strung out junky one step away from hitting rock bottom & his current life as a recovering addict haunted by his drug fueled wrongdoings
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General Admission

Short Film Block 3

Sunday,October 9th 2:00 3:00pm
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd,90291
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General Admission

Too Much French

Director: Bo Price
Two Quebec girls create a Hollywood show for a French audience. But their American director thinks they are speaking too much French.

How I Became a Movie Theatre Murderer

The rise of movie theater attacks scare a young man obsessed with film into unintentionally killing an innocent patron and becoming the thing he feared.

This Moment

A visual poem dedicated to surfing, in particular to that moment when you are out there in the ocean and your body and soul become one with nature.

Robot Koch & Delhia de France
Dark Waves
Director Sven D.
A lonesome rider of the dark waves roaming the waters of Central California.

Warning Shot

Director:Tina Takemoto
One death. Three versions of the crime. James H. Wakasa was shot by military police at Topaz incarceration camp during World War II. Was it justifiable homicide, an accidental fatality, or second-degree murder?

"A Comfortable Suffering"

Director:Yoshi Barrigas
A silent film conveying the idea of 'saudade' in a timeless fashion, unveiling the melancholic nature of love, and the marriage of pleasure and pain.


Director:Alexander Hankoff
An aspiring race car driver fights off the realization that he'll never progress beyond an amateur circuit. On this Saturday night race however, he puts it all on the line to prove otherwise. At whatever cost.

Feature Film October 9th 3:00pm-4:00

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General Admission

The Last Case Of August T Harrison

Director:Ansel Faraj
Set in and around Venice Beach,California August T. Harrison, private eye, comes out of retirement to solve what seems at first to be a bizarre missing persons case, but as he digs deeper, he finds himself caught in the middle of a dark conspiracy involving the writings of H.P. Lovecraft.
Are Lovecraft's tales just fiction? Or do they hold the secrets of the cosmos?


October 9th 8pm-10pm Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Venice Ca,90291
Live Music By Beauties & The Beast
Photo Art By Paul Grooner

Free To The Public

Hosting Abbot Awards Lee Arenberg

Lee Arenberg is best known and loved for his roles as (Grumpy)Leroy on the ABC hit series Once Upon A Time and as Pintel the pirate in the multi-billion dollar Disney franchise The Pirates of the Caribbean. Lee has the remarkable ability to morph himself into frightening aliens, twisted psychotherapists lascivious entertainment executives and everything in between. Most frequently referred to as a character actor, Arenberg maintains a flourishing acting career almost 20 years spanning television, stage and film Arenberg has appeared in more than 30 movies.