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{$row[ ABOUT THE OTHER VENICE FILM FESTIVAL Venice, CA has always been an epicenter for LA artists and filmmakers who continue to pave the way toward expanding the language of underground, alternative cinema. The Other Venice Film Festival bridges the community of Venice and that of greater Los Angeles together in a competitive, fun-filled weekend of movies and mayhem.

The Other Venice Film festival is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences. Through its programs, the OVFF seeks to discover, support, and inspire independent film and theater artists from Venice and around the world, and to introduce audiences to their new work.

Festival Overview: Many historians suggest that film making in Los Angeles was born in Venice, with Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, The Keystone Cops and the Little Rascals all shooting in studios and locations here. Join the festival that celebrates the original 'Hollywood' and local filmmaking greats like Roger Corman and James Cameron that base their studios in Venice. Venice Beach is still home to many industry businesses, including production, casting, sound, special effects and post houses.

The Other Venice Film Festival is named that way because there already is a Venice Film Festival - in Venice, Italy. Our festival is produced by a core team of professionals, awesome volunteers and strong community support.

Other Venice Film Festival
PO Box 689 Venice, CA 90291
Contact: Reuben De La Casas
Email: ruby@othervenicefilmfestival.com Venue: Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Venice Ca,90291

Reuben De La Casas (Festival Founder)

Ruby is the producer of Ruby Tuesdays - a multifaceted Variety show that has captivated the attention of L.A. which for three years has been an extremely successful monthly feature at Slave Salon Abbot Kinney Blvd Venice Ca. Ruby Tuesdays has been featured in the Los Angeles Times" Taking Hairdressing beyond Hairdressing", Canadian City TV, The Argonaut where Ruby was named the" Ed Sullivan of Venice". Ruby has been at the vanguard of hair design in Los Angeles for over 25 years and has been Festival Director & Producer for 12years Reuben has lived in Venice for 20 Years He assisted in planting the palm trees on Abbot Kinney Blvd,Lead on Petition for parking on Electric Ave, assisted Petition for change from West Washington Blvd to Abbot Kinney,Member of the Abbot Kinney Association 1995-2004 & Programmed the Venice Disasters Awarest for the City Of Los Angeles 2001-2004. He has been awarded accommodation twice 2003/2005 by the City of Los Angeles for Community Service in Venice & Owner of Master Hair Designer.Com

Cameron Pearson
In addition to running Advanced Order Systems Cameron Pearson's film and entertainment production company, Cameron has previously written/directed/produced three feature films. He is currently working on his fourth feature film, SANDY SPEAKS, that puts a face to the victims of generations of systematic racism in America, telling the story of Sandra Bland, He has also completed 5 high concept feature screenplays that are in development. Additionally Cameron has worked as a mainstream Hollywood actor debuting in a major part in RAMBO, and appearing in other films such SHANGHAI and THE MARINE 2. Cameron has been a full time professor of film directing at the School of Visual Arts, and an adjunct broadcast journalism instructor at NYU. Previous films he has directed and produced include MAN WOMAN FILM guest starring Cameron Diaz, the controversial documentary CRAZY LIKE THEY ARE, and 34th & PARK which one best documentary at The Other Venice Film Festival. Cameron has a professional background in screenwriting, journalism and acting. Prior to receiving an MFA in film production from UCLA he received an MS in Journalism from Northwestern University and a BA in English from UC Berkeley. Cameron's production company currently produces low-budget art house films while developing high-concept commercial feature screenplays.

Doug Lewis Consultant

In 1998 Doug was hired by Stillking Films as USA Executive Producer in charge of all USA production and marketing for feature film and commercial advertising, a position Doug held until recently. Doug also worked to incorporate production teams and managers worldwide into a Stillking network of production service companies. Offices opened during his tenure at Stillking include Milan, London, Warsaw & Krakow, Cape Town, Barcelona, Sophia, Santiago and Bratislava. Some of the people and companies Doug has worked with include, Ridley and Tony Scott, Michael Bay, Jules Daly, Scott Gardenhour, Anonymous, Partizan, Tarsem, Motion Theory, Fox Films. There are many others. Doug has been in and around the film business nearly his entire life. Doug's father was a radio/film/TV personality and his introduction to film and filmmaking was with his father in 1960 on the set of Blue Hawaii with Elvis, then later on the set of Bullitt. His first career (as a deep-sea fisherman) offered him the opportunity to make close ties with the likes of Lee Marvin, Richard Boone, Peter Lawford, and a whole gaggle of their friends. Others Doug met and befriended through his years fishing include Rupert Murdoch, Don Tyson, Prince Charles, Jack Lord, William Conrad, to name a few. One rough and drunken day on the reef in Australia, Marvin grabbed Doug's shoulder, wheeled him around and while towering over him, fairly spat out the words, "Kid, I know you got ambitions but stay away from Hollywood". Of course Hollywood is exactly where Doug ended up and where Doug has lived for the better part of thirty years.

Gary Ellenberg Co-Founder

Gary received his B.A. in drama at the University of California at Berkeley and earned his MA in Directing at the American Film Institute. His thesis film NO QUARTER competed in over 20 national and international film festivals. Gary went on to write and direct the feature GRINDERS as well as TED, an explosive comedy about the Unabomber. TED garnered six festival awards including Audience Choice at the San Francisco Indie Film Festival. Gary has also worked in TV production for the WB and directed corporate videos for clients including Warner Bros. Music and Nestle Crunch Hot Shots basketball camp with Shaquille O'Neal. Gary is the author of EXEUNT, A PLAY WITH ACTORS and co-author of WHO'S AFRAID OF UTA HAGEN. He is also Co-Founder and Programming Director for The Other Venice Film Festival. A small production crew unto himself, he shoots music videos, fashion shoots, industrials, B-Roll, commercials and Promotional Videos. He is currently shooting, editing Webcasts for Fox All Access. Itchy Yellow House is a production company that Gary founded in 1990 with the controversial production of Jean Genet's DEATHWATCH at the now defunct Al's Bar downtown, in which women were cast in the male roles.

AJ Peralta Co-Founder

Creative executive with success building high-growth & revenue-driven businesses at the intersection of consumers, media & technologies. Three consumer & B2B Internet ventures I've co-founded have been acquired. I generally focus on company building, product innovation, business strategy & market development. I'm a strategic thinker, influences & maker. I constantly find novel & fresh ways to do things. I'm a full stack worker constantly educating & improving myself across a range of disciplines. People turn to me to help them figure out how to get things done. I'm constantly pulling my team into the future & helping them make better decisions today. I work tirelessly to transform ideas into reality through teamwork, intellectual & commitment. I've worked extensively in content development, distribution and monetization. Plus I have strong experience in employing big data to generate opportunities, particularly in exploiting the social graph for user acquisition, creating communities, launching brands, & growing revenues. I've developed award-winning products and services across multi-platform systems including mobile, web, commerce, social gaming, video, cable TV, & film. Over the years I've developed significant projects with brands including Coca-Cola, Toyota, Scion, Time-Warner, MTV & Bank America. I've also exclusively partnered with superstars such as Taylor Swift, Justin Timberlake and Will Smith to monetize their content, build social strategies, & create very profitable ecommerce businesses.

Christiana Sergi Social Media

Spends her time between Lake Tahoe and Venice, enriching herself in the melting pot of culture, film and art. She was a young Cecchetti Ballerina which favors clean lines and precise technique, preferring a simpler style of ballet that focuses on the basics rather than all the other attractive ribbons and bells,from the age of 5 worked with the San Francisco Ballet Company .Christiana had also been in numerous Beauty Pageants and is comfortable in front of an audience .Majoring as a drama student led her to public speaking, and wanting to get in touch with an audience experience again . Having grown up with a brother with special needs led her to take an active role volunteering for several non-profits. Her work has given her a background in fundraising and event coordination.When Christiana came to the very first OVFF 2005, she fell in love with the idea of being involved. She had wanted to push the experience and get more people from thee community interested, helping OVFF to be present in the public eye. Chrissy is a valued member of our team. chrissy@othervenicefilmfestival

Gail Boggs Judge / Critic

Has been entertaining millions since the age of three has sung with James Brown Nile Rodgers and Luther Vandross. She is known for her stage persona globally appearing in Ghost Curly Sue EDtv and has connections to notables such as Andy Warhol. Watch for Winslow Prep her new Graphic Novel Gail is an Author, Writer Director Producer and will help OVFF with her deep understanding of the craft.

Rico McClinton Sponsorship Agent
I have been acting for 13 years,born in Los Angeles Ca. Been involved in Venice for over 20 years Passion for independent films. Working with new talent with great vision.
If you would like to contact Rico please Email. Kros12345678@gmail.com

David Kadison - Website

Freelance internet consultant/designer. AJAX, javascript, mySql, php, css, Photoshop, Illustrator and linux server/lamp . USCG Captains license Merchant Mariner Credential as a Master of Steam, Motor and Auxiliary Sail Vessels.