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The Abbot Awards: Celebrating Maverick Filmmakers Welcome to The Abbot Awards, a celebration of fearless filmmaking that embraces the spirit of maverick creativity and the legacy of Venice founding father, Abbot Kinney. These awards honor filmmakers who create stunning and poignant cinema that defies convention and flourishes without the constraints of large budgets or technological extravagance. .

About The Abbot Awards The Abbot Awards pay tribute to filmmakers who dare to tread off the beaten path, producing films that are hilariously absurd or tragically unconventional. These artists channel the innovative energy of Abbot Kinney, the visionary behind Venices unique character. By recognizing these filmmakers unwavering dedication to their artistic vision, we also pay homage to the spirit of Abbot Kinney himself. .

Categories and Eligibility All films screened at the festival, excluding Spotlight Screenings, automatically enter the competition for The Abbot Awards. Both short films and features are eligible for the Audience Choice and Most Excellent Abbot Awards. Additionally, the Local Maverick Spotlight Abbot Award celebrates the work of local established filmmakers who craft unforgettable stories on celluloid. .

Join the Celebration Do not miss the chance to immerse yourself in the essence of independent filmmaking. Join us in celebrating the winners of The Abbot Awards during our Festivals closing night ceremony. The awards ceremony is open to the public, featuring live music and raw emotion that reflect the spirit of the films we honor. .

Submit Your Film Are you a daring filmmaker who embodies the maverick spirit? Submit your film today for a chance to be recognized with a stunning acrylic Abbot Award. Your work could be a part of the legacy of creative innovation and fearless storytelling that The Abbot Awards stand for. .

A Legacy of Excellence Since 2005, The Abbot Awards have not only celebrated exceptional filmmaking but also recognized members of the greater Venice community who have demonstrated Excellence in Arts & Community Service. This expansion of our awards signifies our commitment to honoring those who contribute to the vibrant cultural tapestry of our community. .

Join us in embracing the new breed of filmmaking, celebrating the indomitable spirit of the visionary Abbot Kinney, and applauding those who enrich our lives through art and service.

Congratulation to the Abbot Award Winners 2015
Best Feature Film Documentary A Man Called God Director Christopher St John
Best Youth Film "OperHator" Director Tara Nicole Azarian
Best Music Video "Something About You Ain't Right"Director Alisa Daglio
Most Excellence Film Short "A Time To Kill" Director Justin Rettke
Most Excellence Feature Film "Nothing In Los Angeles"Director Alexander Tovar
Best Experimental Film "Brit.I.Am"Director Andi Osho

Congratulations to Abbot Award Winners! 2016
Best Short Film Diamond Director Ty Granderson Jones
Best Experimental Short Film The Grief Party Director Amelia Mulkey Anderson
Best International Short Film Launda Naach Director Shafaq Khan Payal Bharadwaj Rai
Most Excellent Feature Film When The Starlight Ends Director Adam Sigal
Best Feature Film When The Starlight Ends Actress Arabella Oz
Best Feature Film The Head Thieves Movie Actor Mickey Gooch
Best Music Video Dolce Ardor - Music Video Director Andrea Saenz

Congratulations Abbot Award Winners! 2017
Experimental Short Film (Fish ) Director:Gracie Bellissimo
People Choice Award (Limerence )Director:Tammy Minoff
International Short Film (Bus Trip) Sweden Director:Sarah Gampel
Best Short Film (The Caregiver)Director:Ally Downs
Best Music Video (It's A Wondrous Life) Director:Joseph Aniska & Larry Traiger
Documentary Feature Film (Surviving Peace)Director:Josef Avesar
Most Excellent Feature Film (I AM STILL HERE) Director:Mischa Marcus

Congratulation to the Abbot Award Winners 2018
Best Youth Film Phantom Of The Road Director: Charles Wall
Best Short Film Sweet Lies Director:Pascal Lebegue
Best Experimental Short Film Fighter Director:Dhriti Borah
Best International Short Film SuperHillCool Director: Sergio Barbasso
Most Excellent Feature Film American Relapse Director: Pat McGee , Adam Linkenhelt
Best Feature Film Actor Tim Robinson The Guest House
Best Mobile Device Chip McDougal Neighborhood Watch Film Director: Vince Arrigo

Congratulation to the Abbot Award Winners 2019
Most Excellence Feature Film The Girl From Provence Director: Geoffrey de Valois
Most Excellence Short Film The Games Children Play Director: Richard Dee Roberts
Best Experimental Film Keep It 100 Director:Bryan Bostic
Best Short Documentary Venice Neverland Street Kids Of Venice Director : VIctoria Peralto Cruz

Congratulation to the Abbot Award Winners 2021
Best Short Documentary My Name Is Nobody Director : Christine Kenton
Best Feature Documentary. Born Just Now Director: Robert Adanto
Best Experimental Short Film Jim's Gibberish Director: Brent Duffy
Best Music Video Cali Dreams Vintage Culture & fancy Inc Feat. The Beach Director: Rafael Kent
Most Excellent Short Film The Weight of Perfection Directors : Anabelle Munro, Leanne Melissa Bishop
Most Excellent Feature Film The Incoherents Director : Jared Barel

Congratulations to the Abbot Award Winners 2022
Most Excellent Feature Film Pussie Control Directed by Bryan Bostic
Most Excellent Short Film Dog Gone It Directed by Hunter James Cox
Best Experimental Short Film He Ain’t Up Directed by Danny Reyes
Best Feature Documentary Film Dream Big Directed by Marc A Martinez
Best Short Documentary Film Skatepocalpse Directed by Matthew Mendenhall

Congratulation to the Abbot Award Winners 2023
Most Excellent Feature Film Trust in Love Director :Mick Davis
Most Excellent Short Film The End of Me Director : Corbin Timbrook
Best Feature Documentary Film George Hobbs Stick Figure Wisdom Directo:r Armin Nasseri
Best Short Documentary Film Living Years Director: Brenda Gillis
Best Film Score The End of Me Composer: Alberto Anaya