Other Venice Film Festival

The 18th Annual Other Venice Film Festival

Opening Night 2022

Early Bird $20.00 Tickets On Sale July 7th to August 20th


Friday, September 23rd
6pm: Doors Open
7pm Cocktail Party
8pm Pussie Control Comedy
9:30pm After Party

Opening Night Musical Guest

Sticks & Stoned Performing in back Garden
September 23rd 7:00pm
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Venice Ca ,90291

Opening Night Feature Film
Pussie Control

Director Bryan Bostic
Davion Pussie is a hood talking video game playing cat who has a tight bond with his sweet loving owner Tiana. When Tiana decides to date a new man, who isnt who he appears to be, Davion warns her of his advances. Can Davion get to the bottom of his intentions before it spells disaster for his beloved pet owner and livelihood?
Key Cast:Taylor Byron Barr , Rajane Devlugt, Myron L. Mayberry


Open Night After Party

Outdoor Garden
September 23rd 9:45 pm - 11:00 pm
Featuring a performance by DJ Sound Track

Short Film Block 1

September 24th 11pm-12 Noon
Beyond Baroque 689 Venice Blvd Ca,90291


(Subject to Change)

Dog Gone It!

Director Hunter James Cox
This whimsical fun loving story centers on a young man and his abnormal human like dog. One day the inseparable duo are split apart by a sneaky black cat sending the man on a journey to retrieve his best friend. Will they reunite or be lost fur-ever?


The Fixer Upper

Director Kathleen Quinlan, Bruce Abbott
Annie enlists the help of her friend Faith to convert her Airstream into an Airbnb and her ranch into a wedding venue. With their first guests arriving soon they must prepare for a wedding and convince Annie s 30 year old son Jimbo who has been living in the trailer since his divorce to move out and move on with his life.


Director Abbey Spacil
Anna is an immigrant actress determined to succeed, even if it means contorting herself to fit Hollywood’s misogynistic standards. While preparing for a job interview we find her nearly unrecognizable and succumbing to the all consuming trauma.

Yuki vs. Panda: That Escalated Quickly

Director Biography - Andrew Palmer
Yuki goes to a movie with friends; Panda attacks, wearing a Cloak of Invisible Aura!


Director Sheri Effres
Cal reluctantly attends a memorial for his eccentric neighbors loved one.

Mistress Candi

Director Matthew Alexander
Mistress is uncovering what makes Sam tick. When the session goes into new territory Mistress makes sure her most important VIP is all smiles.

Experimental Shorts & Short Film Block

September 24th 12:15pm - 1:15pm
Beyond Baroque 689 Venice Ca, 90291


(Subject to Change)

The Red Clock

Director Alexandra Balda
A creative young woman works to unlock the chains in her mind from the trauma of her past to find her way back to reality before she is destroyed


Director Wataru Iwata
The world is created by images, and the world that spreads before my eyes is me itself. Just as we cannot see our own face with the naked eye the spherical mirror that reflects the world reflects everything as far as light can reach however it will never be able to reflect the self. It can only be recognized when it is observed by the other.

Almost a Masterpiece

Director Belinoff Robert
An older film maker swings for the fences with an over the top follow up film.


Director Linda Cushma
Minimalism is a beautiful thing ,terrifying but keeps one honest

The Fate of a Bird

Director Sage Drake
A young hitchhiker gets a ride and her and the driver both get tested on fate.

Project Wednesday

Director Donavan Clark
Undercover agents navigate a brutal terroristic organization who leader has a secret that can change everything.

Short Block 2

September 24th 1:30pm-2:40 pm


(Subject to Change)

He Aint Up

Director:Danny Reyes
Four friends try to wake up a fifth for an event.

Losing It

Director Evey Yu
Two sisters, Eleanor (70s) and Mabel (70s) are doing their favorite activity in the nursing home The Minion Puzzle! As they play, Mabel thinks of a horrible incident and wants to confess to Eleanor but she keeps forgetting about what it is.

A Stranger at the Funeral

Director:Ana Maria Estrada
The death of Roberto, took by surprise to this emerging family. In the wake, an unknown man that no one knew, arrived and was very moved by Robertos death. Who is this stranger who came to the funeral? What mystery does involves this man? What relationship did this man have with the deceased? The arrival of the stranger will change the life of this wealthy family.

Power Day

Director Chris Edgar
In a post-nuclear apocalypse world in which the government confines people to their homes and rations electrical power, a teenage girl must choose whether to defy the authorities to save her ailing mother.

The Aftermath

Director LaChelle Joy Hunt
A moody Common Era drama atop the windy seaside hills of Point Reyes. Evelyn arrives in California in 1912 after traveling across America to pursue her dreams once shared with another. She deals with being alone on this journey and looks through her darkness to find a new light.

Feature & Short Documentary

Fresh to Frightening - The Sharon Green Story
Liveaboard: an American Odyssey
September 24th 3:15pm - 5:20pm
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd



Fresh to Frightening - The Sharon Green Story

Director Biography - Gareth Kelly
Ever since Green has established herself as one of the finest yacht racing photographers of her generation perfecting aerial photography capturing incredible images of racing yachts in her favorite condition ,Fresh to Frightening!

Liveaboard: an American Odyssey

Director Biography - Christopher J. Brownfield
An estranged mariner buys an old boat to live on, then seeks out liveaboards for advice on an epic voyage to rediscover what it means to be home.

Short Horror Block

September 24th 5:30pm - 6:30pm
Beyond Baroque 689 Venice Blvd Ca,90291


(Subject to Change)

The Tale of the Deaf

Russia Federation
Director Philip Yuriev
The Tale of the Deaf is a horror film about the life of a deaf-mute shadow play actor trying to capture the attention of paupers in a shabby pub. Suddenly a mysterious stranger enters the establishment, carrying a hypnotizing barrel organ. His musical act drives all the guests insane, sucking their souls out. The organ grinder however never expected one of the paupers to simply not hear his diabolical melody.

The Nick

Director - Robert Smellin
Our protagonist The Character finds themselves in a death struggle with a wicked and evil part of their own body


Director Damien Hedgecoth
A horror/thriller about Dr. Ryan Connors, a talented scientist at the pinnacle of his success whose world comes crumbling down when his wife, Julia, is diagnosed with a form of incurable cancer. Ryan is forced to take matters into his own hands, risking not only the life he built but his humanity.

In Darkness

Director Chris Smellin
April and Sean comb the darkness of the house while Sara guards the restrained woman. Actually she is a bloodthirsty vampire intent of feeding on the intruders.

Music Video Block

September 24th 6:30pm -7:30pm
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Ca,90291


(Subject to Change)

Argent Glass

Director Katsuyuki
November 1967 in Honmoku Yokohama, a guy (Shinsuke Kato) is chasing his dream of becoming famous while performing live but it is not coming true. One day he breaks his cherished silver glass, and after gathering up the fragments he drove off somewhere.

Thank You

Director Anthony Vazquez


Director Sebastián Vargas Flor
A tragic romance between a young woman and a skeleton set to an epic ballad by the band No Stories about wasted time and missed opportunities.

Movie Club,Trap Door

Directors Jessamyn Violet , Vince Cuneo, Dustin Downing
Formed in October 2018, Movie Club is an instrumental rock duo out of Venice Beach, California. Movie Club is Jessamyn Violet on drums and Vince Cuneo on guitar.
After only a few weeks of playing together, the band performed their first show for a Cal Jam party that local legend Robbie Krieger (The Doors) was headlining. Seeing the potential of the project, the two started writing every day and playing live around Los Angeles. The band experimented with mixing their favorite genres of music and channeling other instrumental groups.


Director Biography - Drew Luster
This music video, and the song it is inspired by, explores the feelings of loneliness and longing that can exist even in crowded cities and crowded rooms. Using Brooklyn as the back drop for a Noir-styled night on the town, the video follows one man as he drunkenly waits, wonders and longs for love and meaning.


Director Hollin Haley
A woman hangs on to the dregs of a toxic relationship until she is haunted by it.

Generation Mind

Director Eric Boadella
By Black Swan


Director Samia Zaid
By Som

Got to move

Director Oltscho
A man sits at a sushi bar, snacking on the world’s consumer comforts as they pass by, when he starts to get a bad case of indigestion

Feature Film Draculas Bride of Horror

September 24th 8pm-9:30pm
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd



Draculas Bride of Horror

Director Tim Lee
On the three nights of the super blood moon Dracula and his blood thirsty witches turn LA beaches into his killing zone as he stalks and seduces his voluptuous Bride of Horror through psychological and supernatural terrorism.

9:30pm - 11:00pm After Party
Musical Guest : Rockula

Beyond Baroque
681 Venice Blvd Venice Ca, 90291

September 25th 1pm - 2:30pm
Short & Feature Documentary

Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Ca, 90291




Director Sandra Tamkin
homeless young man struggles to find his place in the world and make sense of a traumatic childhood.

100 Cans

Director Mazen Al Khayrat
The story is about land mines. It follows a Canadian/ Iraqi urban artist who goes to Yemen amidst the heated conflict.
Upon his arrival, he is astounded by all the ordeals, he then meets with Yemeni artists, land mine extraction teams and with the local community to create art as a relief. Ambivalent emotions and challenges create a tone of hope and an authentic documentation of the threats of land mines and the power of dialogue.
Filming takes place in Mocha, no longer a major trading hub or a coffee market, the economy is largely based upon fishing. The new art entices a lot of interest, children and struggling families gossip about the foreign visitors and about the colors they brought to town.

Awards Ceremony September 25th

Awards will be given for Most Excellent Short Film, Most Excellent Feature Film,Best Documentary Short Film , Best Feature Documentary ,Best Experimental Short Film & Best Music Video

"Free to the Public Event"

Musical Guest: Movie Club

Movie Club is an instrumental rock duo out of Venice Beach, California. Movie Club is Jessamyn Violet on drums and Vince Cuneo on guitar.

In memorial for the loss of our dear friend John Decindis, OVFF photographer for many years, he will be missed.