Other Venice Film Festival

The 18th Annual Other Venice Film Festival

Other Venice Film Festival Friday October 1st 2021

Opening Night 6pm: Red Carpet



2021 Trailer

7 pm Musical Guest: MoForro

Brazilian Style Forro band



8 pm Screening Before Feature Film
Dir. Jordan Hidalgo (15:20)
A day in the life of Martin, a homeless man attempting to keep his individuality despite being dehumanized by everyday society.


8:15 Opening Night Feature
The Incoherents

Dir. Jared Barel (108 min)
Bruce Flansburgh is a bored, 40-something New York paralegal who hasn't let go of his dream of rock stardom
Beyond Baroque 689 Venice Blvd Ca,90291



Open Night After Party

9:45 pm - 11:30 pm
October 1st 2021
Featuring a performance by Skye Delamey


Short Documentary Block 1

October 2nd 12pm-1pm
Beyond Baroque 689 Venice Blvd Ca,90291



Dai Belquer Brazil Time (5:00)
A Latin American quarantined pregnant woman needs to struggle against a whole system to have the birth that she wants to have.

My Name Is Nobody

Dir.Christine Kenton (21:00)
This is a short documentary about a friend who was homeless and lost everything. He was denied from getting disability.


The Last Photo

Dir.Mehmet Akif Guler (Turkey/Syria) (19:58)
Abdullah Milhim is a photographer, documenting what is going on in the war zone, Syria to the world.


Sweet Poison

Dir.Waleska Santiago (Brazil) (16:00)
(Doce Veneno) is a documentary film that elucidates the consequences of pesticide usage in Northeast Brazil.


Experimental Shorts & Short Film Block

October 2nd 1:30pm
Beyond Baroque 689 Venice Ca, 90291


Jim's Gibberish

Dir.Brent Duffey (6:28)
Jim, a hard worker, meets a shocking betrayal. Unknowingly, during times of stress, his imagination uplifts his unfortunate events.


A New Sound

Dir. Michael Perry (2 min)
What if you can only hear a song once?

The Wrong Guy

Dir. Martin Sofiedal (Norway) (6:36)
A struggling actor's "day job" as a hitman goes sideways when he might have the wrong guy.


Dir. Diana Lee Woody (1 min)
It comes from the other side and nothing can stop it

Red Gate Sessions

Musician.Marvin Glover (15:00)
Red Gate Sessions is a live concert short film featuring Marvin Glover.



Dir.Thomas Simon (1 min)
screening out of competition
Keep your eyes on the road...

Burn Out

Dir. Tomasz Rewers Poland (11:27)
Here is a story about a burned out writer, a toxic relationship, and a work routine that can lead to a shocking tragedy.

Cinema Gorgonzola

Dir. Steve Mereu & Eric Seo (11:57)
Society gave birth to Cinema Gorgonzola in March 2020.

Feature Film DiDi's Vacation

October 2nd 2:30pm
Beyond Baroque 689 Venice Blvd Ca,90291


Didi's Vacation

Dir. Xiaoting Zeng (China) / (93 min)
One day, Didi's great uncle receives a letter from his old lover, in which she told him that she had returned to his hometown Longchuan. So the two decided to go on the road together.


Feature Documentary Born Just Now

Oct 2nd 4pm
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd


Born Just Now

Dir.Robert Adanto (84 min)
A sensitive, steadfast Belgrade-based visionary struggles to cope with the abuse and violence that ended an eight-year marriage


Feature Film Pinbox

Oct 2nd 6pm
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd



Dir. Devin Cameron (93 min)
After discovering a mysterious old pinball table, Eddie starts a quest to repair it and learn of the game's origins. As his focus deepens and his desire to fix the machine turns into paranoid obsession, he seeks out help to uncover the game's secrets


Short Block 2

October 2nd 7:45pm
Beyond Baroque 689 Venice Blvd Ca,90291


Spell It Out in Neon

Dir.Tammy Minoff (11:51)
Beth, an aspiring young artist, and her charming commitment phobic coworker, Brian, definitely have a “thing”. When he invites her along to a Halloween party, she thinks their relationship might actually move out of the “friend zone” spurring her to take a romantic leap of faith.



Dir.Josh Schorr (12:39)
Delivering groceries, Ed meets a musician and wants their relationship to grow, but she can't get within 6 feet of him.


9pm Music Video Block

Oct 2nd Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Ca,90291



Dir. Joseba Elorza (Spain) (3:38)

Buleria Sarkhat Al Ard

(Buleria the scream of Earth)
Dir. Beatrice Kordon (France) (7:52)
Buleria Sarkhat Al Ard to incarn what could be the scream of Earth. During the last 70 last years, humanity has impacted Earth faster and more dangerous than millions of years of evolution. Naïssam Jalal

Comme La Pluie

Dir.Caroline de Maigret (France) (3 min)
Owner of the indie rock label "Bonus Tracks Records" Caroline also writes and directs videos for fashion which she produces always with a great sense of humor counting million views

Thank You All I'm Fine

Dir. Fabien Constant (France) / (3:34)
Fabien Constant is a director, producer and journalist. He started on TV as producer and cameraman on many documentaries about cinema and fashion

Oigan + Ami Crisan Limba Engleza

Thomas Simon / (2:45) (Romania)
(screening out of competition) from the album "Antimaterie".

The Whistle Song

(1:31) ( screening out of competition)
Music by Thomas Simon, from the motion picture soundtrack "Exit 0".

The Storm

Dir.Rikkard & Tobias Haggbom (Sweden) / (3 min)
TheFatRat, better known as the biggest gaming artist in the industry is taking his crossover to a new level in his latest single, teaming up with award-winning singer & songwriter Maisy Kay for "The Storm".


Dirs. Garik Sukachov, Andrei Tomashevsky (Russia) / (9:48)
A man drags a heavy sled through deep snow, accompanied by a horse and a dog. During the tough journey, his loyal companions pay the ultimate price for his survival.

Cali Dreams Vintage Culture & fancy Inc Feat. The Beach

Dir. Rafael Kent (5:49)
Cali Dreams is about connections.

Red Gate Sessions

Musician.Marvin Glover (15:00)
Red Gate Sessions is a live concert short film featuring Marvin Glover.


Party Stoppers Suck

Skye Delamey
"Party Stoppers Suck" is about living the life you came here to live, and not letting anyone or anything stop you.

10 pm After Party
Musical Guest : Marvin Glover

Beyond Baroque
681 Venice Blvd Venice Ca, 90291


Sunday, October 3rd 2021 1 pm Industry Panel / Free Entry

From Script to Screen, Marketing and Distribution
Cyprian Francis, Doug Hannah, Oscar Jasso, Anne Welles
Moderated by Thomas Simon.
Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Ca,90291

Doug Hannah

Editor, director - post production for CBS, MTV, American Idol:
Doug Hannah, from Chicago, moved to LA after graduating with a cinema degree at Ithaca college and has been working in the entertainment industry for 17 years. He started as a PA at a post production house in Santa Monica before moving on to being a freelance assistant editor and then editor on such shows as Burn Notice, Intelligence, and The Equalizer. From that experience he moved into a Director/Editor role on the shows White Collar, Graceland, Code Black, and currently Magnum PI.

Oscar Jasso

A pianist and composer. His passion for music began at a very young age. He studied piano performance, music composition, and film scoring. He has scored several short and feature films throughout his career, and his music has been heard in film festivals throughout the world. His chamber music has been performed in Central and South America as well as China. He is passionate about music pedagogy, music technology and film.

Anne Welles

Anne Welles is an award winning director, an Emmy-nominated producer, and a writer. Her experiences as an editor, actress, producer, parent, therapist, teacher, and world traveler, as well as her insatiable curiosity about human nature and her off-beat sense of humor, inform her work.

Cyprian Francis

Vanquish Media Marketing: Cyprian has 15+ years of experience working in digital media, marketing, and film, with a strong background in digital marketing, paid media, and sales funnel development. Originally from Chicago, he now resides in Los Angeles where he serves as Vice President of Vanquish Media Group, a creative agency specializing in marketing specifically for the Entertainment Industry.

2pm Short Documentary Block 2

Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Ca, 90291


Fireburn the Documentary

Dir. Joel Fendelman (20 min)
Although the Fireburn took place in the 1800s, and on an island in the Caribbean, it is relevant today. The Fireburn addresses the heart of humanity and shows us what happens when people are robbed of their inalienable right


Sweet Poison

Waleska Santiago (Brazil) (16:00)
Sweet Poison (Doce Veneno) is a documentary film that elucidates the consequences of pesticide usage in Northeast Brazil


Meeting The Challenge of Climate Change

Dir.Harry Wiland (27:29)
The film examines the connection between poor community design and burgeoning health costs based upon key public health indices: obesity, diabetes, heart, asthma, cancer and depression, a concept first researched by Dr. Richard Jackson, a pediatrician turned public health officer

3:30pm Feature Documentary Rez Metal

Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Ca, 90291


Rez Metal

Dir.Ashkan Soltani (75 min)
When Kyle Felter, the lead singer of I Don't Konform sent out a demo album to Flemming Rasmussen, the Grammy Award-winner producer of Metallica, they never imagined themselves a few months later rehearsing with Rasmussen inside a hot hogan on a Navajo reservation before recording their debut album at the iconic Sweet Silence Studio in Denmark.


5pm Short Film Block 3

Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Ca, 90291


Cry Later

Dir.Danny Reyes (14:57)
A woman stumbles through her daily life as her depression followers her around. When her confidence attempts to rectify situations, it often only makes them worse.


Bride of Frankie

Dir. Devi Snively (18:48)
In this darkly comedic feminist nod to Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN, a not-so-mad scientist builds a mate for her mentor's lonely creation with electrifying, and deadly, results.



Dir. Jordan Hidalgo (15:20)
A day in the life of Martin, a homeless man attempting to keep his individuality despite being dehumanized by everyday society.


Let's Make A Movie

Dirs.Dave Farese, Stepen Vanderpool (30 min)
Dave and Steve would do anything to get movie star Chad Worthington to be in their film, even if it means kidnapping him.


7 pm Awards Ceremony

Awards will be given for Best Narrative Short Film, Best Narrative Feature Film,Best Documentary Short Film , Best Feature Documentary ,Best Experimental Short Film & Best Music Video

"Free Event"

8:30 pm Musical Guest: I Don't Konform

(Navajo Nation)
Featured in the Documentary "Rez Nation", performing a special acoustic set.
A three piece Heavy Metal band that traveled to Copenhagen, Denmark to record their first album with Metallicas producer, Flemming Rasmusse


The festival hosts and moderators are Chloe Domange and Thomas Simon (Festival Director) as well as Film Festival Founder Reuben De La Casas.
Q & A's will be conducted after each screening block.

In memorial for the loss of our dear friend John Decindis, OVFF photographer for many years, he will be missed.