Other Venice Film Festival

The Other Venice Film Festival

Early Bird Selected Films

Lighten Up Batman

Short Film Digital Device
Think Batman is an only child? Get ready to meet his idiot older bother, Gary Wayne!
Director: Vince Arrigo
Key Cast:Vince Arrigo,Bobby Telatovich

The Derailers

Short Film
Director:Joe Bartone
Two exuberant losers convince a broken bicycle repairman to deal with an un-cooperative dead body.
Key Cast:Sean O'Bryan Steve Wilcox,Jamison Coe,Frank Eady

Don't write me off

Short Film
Director: Yuqing Chi
An average girl who had been struggled with all aspects of difficulties in her life one day the golden boy of her school come into her world accidentally however just she is almost conquer her own self-esteemed issue to start with something new, an unbearable thing happens. Key Cast:Riker Lynch, Nancy-Claire Cantine

Above the Arroyo: A Dream of the Stairs of Los Angeles

Music Score Feature Film
Director:Russell Brown
Composer:Tim Rutili
The encroachment of nature upon the city's built surfaces the variety of materials and design employed in construction the mysterious essence of staircases a sense of the passage of time and the unexpected, quiet, and lonely beauty of Los Angeles are all themes explored over the course of this 80-minute tone poem.

The Uppermost

Short Film
Director:David Law
A nun arrives at an old abbey where a mysterious death has taken place the week before. As she spends more time on the grounds, it becomes apparent that there is a dark past to this place which is much more than she can handle. Key Cast:Cherubim Abueme Pat Pattison,Rico Dakhil, Kenneth Foreman

Weirdest Day

Short Film Digital Device
Director:Bryan Bostic
Caleel( ) and Marquis () both had a pretty weird day. They make a bet to see whose day was the weirdest. We see that some days are meant to be forgotten.
Key Cast:Brian Brown, Tevin Jackson


Youth Film
Director:Sasha Lebedeva
Two teenage strangers meet up at a party and decide to have sex to forget their previous relationships. Key Cast: Eliza Lee,Miguel Fasa,Kele Maxwell

A Change

Director:Ange Arabatzis, Jillie Simon
When Mia and Caroline reunite in a city park, they soon find out that the past is not always quite past. Conflicts are resurrected, sparks fly and then things get complicated.
Key Cast:Jillie Simon ,Karen Irwin,Alexandra Foucard ,Valentine Aprile ,Chris Lazzaro

The Girl From Provence

Director:Geoffrey de Valois
A surreal #MeToo thriller about a French actress/singer who struggles to confront her horrific past after moving to LA. With a racially diverse international cast,this homage to classic French cinema
Key Cast:Chloe Domange,Amy Lyndon, Claudine Guerrero, Richard Lund , Michael Laurie , Jesus Guevera

Shadow Life: Shining Through Colorism & Depression

Director:Miranda Kahn
A short documentary about a young woman dealing with racism and colorism and how it led to depression and anxiety. Interview footage of Shaina Lynn Simmons, a performing artist who grew up in New Orleans, is intermixed with stop motion animated shadow puppetry to tell a story about mental illness and healing.