Other Venice Film Festival

The Other Venice Film Festival

The Puscie Jones Revue

Opening Night October 5th 10pm Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd Venice Ca ,90291
The Puscie Jones Revue Is a Power Funk/ Soul collective fronted by the massive ball of funk energy that is Puscie Jones himself.

Thomas Simon

Opening Night
A Short Film maker & Abbot Award winner will be kicking off his show in NY.
He is also an excellence musician ,his sound is very similar to your with a surf twist. Check him out if you can, he has a big following in New York & a huge supporter of OVFF

Julie Chilelli

Book Signing October 6th 11:00am- 2:00pm Beyond Baroque
The photography of Venice ,California, San Fernando valley, California, and Santa Monica,California offers a view of extreme color,beautiful beaches, canal scenes, street photography.

Skye Delamey

Free To The Public

Special Awards Night Performance October 7th 6pm Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd
Singer, songwriter, actress, writer, and print model. She is a native of Los Angeles/Santa Monica/Venice. This performance at the Other Venice Film Festival is a rare singer-songwriter performance.
Skye Delamey has 4 albums in genres ranging from singer-songwriter to heavy rock, which her rock stage shows consist of,Enjoy!

Cameron Pearson

Book Signing & Reading, Beyond Baroque October 6th Saturday 3pm In The Garden
MURDERING: How To Be A Serial Killer
A tale containing numerous murders and their existential, metaphysical and moral justifications.

Big Mess

Free To The Public

Closing Awards Ceremonies October 7th 8pm
Take a scoop of Weezer, add a cup of Iggy Pop, mix well in a reality show and garnish with the Rolling Stones.


Free admission

October 6th, 2 to 4pm Beyond Baroque 681 Venice Blvd
Gerry Fialka A fun interactive workshop on film making.
"Live cinema" involves humans in front of the movie screen performing live (drama, dance, music, poetry). Participants will explore how it interconnects with movie making, and how Venice is conducive to this hybrid art form.
Fialka will discuss his recent feature film The Brother Side of the Wake (BroSide), an experimental documentary with Venice, California, as its main character. BroSide involves the audience in call-and-responses, much like a community, out-loud reading of James Joyce's Finnegans Wake.
Gerry Fialka, artist, writer, and paramedia ecologist, lectures world-wide on experimental film avant-garde art and subversive social media. He has been praised by the Los Angeles Times as the multi-media Renaissance man. The LA Weekly proclaimed him a cultural revolutionary. He has lived in Venice for 38 years.

Film Makers Lounge Surfside Venice

October 6th-7th 23 Windward Ave Venice Ca,90291
All OVFF attendee's & Film makers are welcome to lounge,eat & drink specials, upstairs area seating,must have OVFF credentials or wristband.